Nina Chanel - Get Em

Nina Chanel - Get Em

Nina Chanel - Get Em

Artist: Nina Chanel

Track: Get Em


Producer: The Union Music Group

Label: Firehouse Productions

Hometown: Birmingham, AL.



Genre: Rap/HipHop








Introducing "Get Em" by the incredibly talented artist Nina Chanel, produced by The Union Music Group. This dynamic rap/hip-hop track emanates powerful energy and raw emotion, setting the stage on fire with Nina Chanel's signature style. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, and under the label Firehouse Productions, Nina Chanel's prowess as the "Blue Diamond" shines through in every verse.

With a relentless flow and confident attitude, Nina Chanel commands the mic, leaving no room for doubt. "Get Em" captures the essence of unapologetic determination as she navigates a world where many wish to see her stumble. But Nina Chanel, the blue diamond, delivers her verses with unwavering conviction, showcasing her hunger to succeed.

The relentless beat of "Get Em" mirrors Nina Chanel's fierce spirit, amplifying the message of resilience. Each line is a testament to her unyielding drive, making it clear that obstacles are merely stepping stones. With a TikTok cue at 0:11 and a song length of 2:39, "Get Em" keeps the energy high and the audience engaged.

Nina Chanel's vibrant vocals and commanding presence are bound to resonate with fans of rap and hip-hop. As she delivers hard-hitting lines and reveals her unstoppable mindset, listeners can't help but be captivated. "Get Em" is more than a song; it's a declaration of strength, a testament to Nina Chanel's determination to rise above and conquer.

Stay tuned for the official release of "Get Em" and immerse yourself in Nina Chanel's world of powerful music. Follow Nina Chanel on social media for updates, and get ready to experience the impact of "Get Em." Don't miss out on this electrifying track that's set to make waves in the rap scene. Subscribe now on YouTube and prepare to witness the "Blue Diamond" shine brighter than ever before. Stay tuned for her upcoming releases and contact Nina Chanel's management team at for inquiries and booking information. Bennie Hurst (205)283-7778 | |


Nina Chanel · Nina Chanel - Get Em

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