Nina Chanel


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Discover the wonderful world of Nina Chanel and be amazed! Hailing from Birmingham, AL, this rising talent is ready to make her mark on the industry. She takes pride in the nickname her mother gave her, "Nina," and shines with self-confidence and charm. "Chanel" comes from Her love for luxury and opulence and reflects her desire for uniqueness and distinction, indicating her ambition and drive for success. Nina Chanel is focused on impacting the music industry, utilizing her passion and enthusiasm for music. Her innovative approach and songwriting are influenced by iconic artists such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Tupac Shakur. She aims to produce musical pieces that can stir powerful emotions, defy norms and inspire a sense of creativity in listeners. Nina Chanel is working on creating an extraordinary sound that blurs the lines between rap, pop, and R&B. From her first EP, "Power of the Purrrr," to "Blue Diamond," experience the full range of her creative genius—a perfect blend of sweet and savage—taking you on an unforgettable musical journey. “Alongside her longtime production teams, Firehouse and Bomb Productions, she has a winning team that is guaranteed to continue to gain her music more and more momentum with each new release.  It won't be long before Nina Chanel lands on your timeline. Having the look and the sound is paramount for success, but her passion and enthusiasm will make her stand out from the pack. Stay tuned for more from Alabama's next Up, Nina Chanel.