Nina Chanel - "Nina Blanco" (feat. Ray The Great) | Official Video

Nina Chanel - "Nina Blanco" (feat. Ray The Great) | Official Video

Nina Chanel - Nina Blanco (feat. Ray The Great)

Artist: Nina Chanel

Track: Nina Blanco (feat Ray The Great)

BPM: 135

Producer: The Union Music Group

Label: Firehouse Productions

Hometown: Birmingham, AL.

Mood: Aggressive, Energetic, Confident

Emotion: Energizing, Accomplished,

Genre: Rap/HipHop








FireHouse Productions is proud to present the collaborative single, "Nina Chanel - Nina Blanco," from Birmingham-based rapper Nina Chanel, featuring Ray The Great. This song will get you off your feet with its hard-hitting beats and hooks! Firehouse Productions brings out the best in Nina Chanel's signature sound and flow through their contagious loop and bassline. Her powerful statement, "I'm The One, Never The Two!" is an undeniable truth that resonates with us all. "Ray The Great's" words are powerful and inspiring; he promises to continuously show his opponents who is boss by adding, "I vow that I'll keep a foot on the neck and stunt on they ass with a hulk hogan flex." Bennie Hurst (205)283-7778 | |

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