We Up

We Up

Introducing "We Up," the electrifying new release from the multi-talented artist, Nina Chanel. Produced by Billie Beats and released under Firehouse Productions, this rap/hip-hop track showcases Nina Chanel's unwavering passion and determination to succeed.

The song's powerful hook, "WE UP!" reflects Nina's hustle and sacrifice to pave her own way. She takes chances and risks, turning them into benefits as she continuously rises in the music scene.

" We Up" is more than a song; it's a declaration of resilience. With a TikTok cue at 0:11 and a song length of 2:40, it keeps the energy high, capturing the listener's attention.

Nina Chanel's vibrant vocals and commanding presence resonate with fans of rap and hip-hop. " We Up" serves as an anthem of strength, showcasing Nina Chanel's unwavering determination to conquer and make her mark.

Follow Nina Chanel on her social media for updates, and experience the impact of " We Up." Don't miss out on this powerful track that's set to dominate the rap scene. Subscribe now on YouTube and be part of Nina Chanel's remarkable journey. For inquiries and bookings, contact Bennie Hurst (205)283-7778 | bombprod205@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/iamninachanel
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